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Published on August 1st, 2018 | by LedgerOnline


Kolot – An Animated Shabbos

By Howard Meyerowitz

Many years ago, Howard Meyerowitz began writing what he called weekly “Shabbos notes” to his now adult daughters who were then young girls. His intention: to solidify the parental bond between he and his wife, Susan, and their daughters, and to strengthen their connection to their Jewish heritage.

Needless to say, the notes quickly became a Meyerowitz family tradition – one he today shares with his two young grandchildren. He signs each one: “Good Shabbos” Love, Bubbe & Zayde.”

Over the years he’s written hundreds of Shabbos notes – but this one, he says, “is my favorite Shabbos note because it includes Yiddish.” Enjoy!

Minnie and Mickey and Daisy and Donald were four great friends who attended services regularly at their shul, B’nai Disney, where their friend Goofy was Gabbai Rishon. Each Friday morning they would gather together for coffee and cheese Danish at Dumbo’s Diner where they would discuss what they would wear Shabbos morning.

“Ich Vais Nisht Vus Tzu Unton,” said Daisy.
I’m not sure what to wear.

“Ich Oichet,” replied Mickey.
Me either.

“Siez Alamal Shver Tzu Vison Velche Tzu Kliben,” offered Donald.
It’s always so difficult to choose.

“Lumeir Zich Zeier Arein Trachten In Dem,” responded Minnie.
Let’s think hard about this.

Well, finally, each one came up with a special wardrobe. Daisy decided to wear a lime-colored skirt with bright yellow flowers and Minnie decided on a cocoa tinged dress with a cheese pattern. Donald thought and thought and ended up with a bright navy-striped suit and jacket, and Mickey settled on a black and white polka dotted vest and black bowtie. They all wore their usual white gloves.

The next morning at shul the four friends were warmly greeted by their friends. Dumbo and Tinkerbell dropped in from above. Jiminy Cricket and Chip and Dale strolled down the lane together, and all the Princesses arrived in a magic coach. Last but not least, Goofy strode up wearing his neatly pressed tallis, and in the beautiful blue sky above the shul bluebirds gently glided in majestic circles. It was another beautiful Shabbos morning at B’nai Disney.

Howard Meyerowitz lives in Bloomfield. He is on the staff of the Connecticut Jewish Ledger.

Readers are invited to submit original work on a topic of their choosing to Kolot. Submissions should be sent to judiej@jewishledger.com.

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