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Angela Merkel received honorary doctorate from Haifa U

(JTA) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel will received an honorary doctorate from the University of Haifa in “recognition of her leadership grounded in principles of equality, freedom and human rights; for serving as a model to women around the world; in appreciation of her warm friendship and robust ties between The Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Israel.” The degree was conferred Oct. 4 at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, where Merkel met with a diverse group of graduate students from the university, including from Germany.

Merkel, the first women to serve as German chancellor, has been in office since 2005. She has worked to strengthen ties between Germany and Israel. She has been invited to Israel several times and, in 2008, convened a special meeting of the German government in Israel in honor of Israel’s 60th Independence Day. “Throughout her life, Dr. Merkel has demonstrated exemplary standards of excellence, wisdom and humanity,” Haifa University President Ron Robin said in a statement.

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