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President Trump is not a threat to all, including Jews

I felt compelled to respond to Florence Stahl, of Greenfield, Massachusetts (Letter: “President Trump is a Threat to All, Including Jews,” Ledger, Nov. 23, 2018) on her response to Esia Friedman’s letter (Letter: “President Trump Doesn’t Deserve to Be Ridiculed,” Ledger, Nov. 9, 2018).

With the greatest respect, I am really tired on how some of the Jewish people treat our President. He has been the best friend Israel has ever had, and yet he is abused by most American Jews. The Jews in Israel love him. Maybe they would be happier if Barack Obama, who stood with the Muslim people, were still president or even Hillary Clinton who has said terrible things about the Jewish people. Did you not think Barack Obama was not self-serving?

I find all the adjectives you used about Donald Trump to be disgraceful, and disgusting. He is not a race baiter, in fact he has done more for the black people than even his predecessor. He has never shown woman-hating, in fact he has more women working for him than his predecessor. Where do you see him being charged for a real crime when after two years and a waste of taxpayer’s money, they found nothing? He is not xenophobic because he does not want people in our country unless they are vetted.

You cannot have it both ways, which unfortunately many Jewish people love. You must take the good with the bad just as we had to endure the pathetic presidency of Barack Obama. He is not a danger to the United States, he loves this country and, as for the world, he wants us to be treated fairly.

As for being removed from office, that will never happen, and he will go on to be the president for another four years, and one of the greatest. If you are so unhappy with your life under President Trump, I would suggest you move to Canada with Barbra Streisand, another Trump hater. See if you like it better there!

Barbara Berkowitz

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