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Crown Market brings back Hebrew National

WEST HARTFORD – The Crown Market in West Hartford has added two old friends to its line-up – Hebrew National, which now has its own separate deli counter, and new chef Andrea Gussak, formerly of Margery Gussak Catering.

The Hebrew National area, located across the store from the kosher deli and popular “5 O’Clock Shop,” features Hebrew National cold cuts, hot dogs and prepared sandwiches made to order.

“We are excited and very fortunate to be able to bring back the well-known and well-liked Hebrew National product to the Crown and the Greater Hartford Jewish community,” said Jeff Ingber, the Crown’s director of operations.

The Hartford Kashrut Commission (HKC) continues to supervise and certify the Crown Market’s 5 O’Clock Shop (meat, dairy, pareve and salad & soup bar), the fresh fish counter, bakery, butcher shop, sushi and pizza counters and its outside catering. It does not certify the Hebrew National deli counter.

Andrea Gussak

“We want to thank our fellow investors and the whole community for supporting the new Crown market every step of the way. We take pride in listening to our clients and incorporating as many requests as possible in order to serve the entire Jewish community. We hope our new additions will please and inspire our customers to shop up a storm!” said Ann Pava, Alan Lazowski and Henry Zachs, the Crown’s three major investors.

Andrea Gussak has joined the Crown full-time to handle the operation of the store’s kosher kitchen.

For more than 30 years she worked at Margery Gussak Catering, the long-time kosher catering company operated by her mother. Margery Gussak retired last June, closing the company she founded.

Gussak had already been helping out with some of Crown’s catering events when Crown offered her the full-time job.

“It just fit. People are comfortable with me and I am comfortable here,” Gussak said.

Besides running the Crown’s kitchen, Gussak’s specialty is creating new menu items.

“I love food, I love to cook, and I love to create new items. It fuels my creativity,” she said. “I like to see what is in the walk-in that we can sort of re-purpose and put to use. That’s really something I am very good at.”

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