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Study: A third of Americans think Holocaust murders exaggerated

(JNS) A survey released by the The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, otherwise known as the Claims Conference, has revealed that a third of all Americans believe the scope of the murder of Jews in the Holocaust has been exaggerated. The data, released ahead of Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day, showed that the large swath of Americans believe that just 2 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, rather than 6 million. In addition, 45% of Americans could not name any of the 40 ghettos or concentration camps erected by the Nazis, with a whopping 66% of millennials being unable to state the significance of “Auschwitz.” While 93% of those polled said they believe students should learn about the Holocaust in schools, 70% said people are less concerned about the Holocaust than in the past, and 58% said a Holocaust or similar catastrophe could occur again. The Claims Conference also showed that 68% of Americans believe antisemitism exists in the United States, with 37% saying neo-Nazis were present in large numbers.

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