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A Poem as pretty as a tree

A hearty “yasher koach” goes to Yossie Kolodny of Waterbury who earned an Honorable Mention in the 44th Annual Silas Bronson Poetry Contest, sponsored by the Children’s Services Division of the Silas Bronson Library. The contest is open to children in grades 1-8 who live in or attend school in Waterbury. Yossie is a second-grader at Waterbury’s Yeshiva Ktana. We’re happy to share with you Yossie’s uplifting poem: 

It’s Spring
By Yossie Kolodny

Spring is full of fun,
We get to play in the sun.
You can play with balls,
And catch it when it falls.
We like to get wet,
And play on the swing set.
We go on trips outdoors,
And water pours.

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