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Richard Dreyfuss criticizes Jews, not antisemitism

(JTA) – Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss said he is more concerned about “Jews not behaving like Jews” than he is about the global rise in antisemitism. Dreyfuss told the Hollywood Reporter ahead of the release of his new movie, “Astronaut,” that Jews “sound very much like our own worst enemies in trying to protect Zionism and protect our own reputations. We really do need to explore what it means to be Jewish and not let it go away.” Dreyfuss appeared to criticize Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, saying that “most Jews are willing to celebrate their own history of being oppressed, and then they’ll get up and oppress other people. So I don’t want Jews to do that.” He says he is “more spiritual and less Jewish than I have been.” The actor explained that he is not what he calls a “temple Jew,” and that he is “very proud of being Jewish and I’m very proud of being a cultural Jew.” 

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