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Amazon launches Hebrew website for vendors

(JNS) Amazon officially announced the opening of a Hebrew website for vendors and is pushing for Israeli companies to joint the service. The site also offers international businesses to use Amazon’s logistical system in Israel. “We are currently working with sellers in Israel to help them sell worldwide with Amazon Global Selling. Local Delivery is one aspect of Global Selling that looks to improve the opportunities for sellers in Israel to sell more effectively to customers in Israel who shop on,” Amazon said in a statement. “We hope that through this program, we will be able to provide our customers in Israel with even more local products to choose from with quicker deliver speeds. We will share more information shortly,” it stated.

Amazon is also offering almost 100 full-time jobs on its website with the majority in software development, but also many in sales and advertising. The company is aiming to open major operations in Israel in ahead of the country’s Sept. 17 elections and Jewish holidays, which fall at the very end of the month.

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