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Israeli teens accused of Cyprus rape released

(JTA) – The Israeli teens held in custody in Cyprus after being accused more than a week ago of raping a female British tourist were released. Five teens had been let go on Thursday, July 25, after DNA tests showed that they did not have sexual contact with the woman. The other seven Israeli teens, ages 16 to 18, were released Sunday, July 28, after the tourist, 19, changed her story. She was arrested by police for filing a false complaint and will be charged with public mischief. Cypriot police told local media they believe she filed the false complaint against the Israeli teens because they filmed her during sex without her consent in a hotel room at The Ayia Napa resort. The DNA of three unknown men also was found on the woman. Three of the Israeli teens admitted to having consensual sex with the woman, while the other nine denied having any physical contact with her, though may have been in the hotel room when the videos were taken.

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