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Snapchat post by Colorado students refers to killing Jews

(JTA) – High school students in suburban Denver participated in a Snapchat post that referred to killing Jews. In the post circulated over the weekend, three students at Cherry Creek High are shown wearing hats in a costume store. The text box below reads “Me and the boys bout to exterminate the Jews.” A fourth student took the photo and distributed it. The students in the photo said they were not aware that the fourth student had added the caption. The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation on Monday, Sept. 16. Police officials said they did not consider the statement to “exterminate the Jews” as a credible threat. The school is working with the Anti-Defamation League to formulate a response and also investigating the incident. “Cherry Creek High School does not tolerate hateful speech or actions,” Principal Ryan Silva said in a letter sent to parents.“Our responsibility is to keep students safe and to provide a place where students of every race, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation feel safe, valued and supported.”

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