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Survey finds deep concern over antisemitism among U.S. Jews

(JNS) A vast majority of American Jews consider antisemitism to be a major problem facing the community amid widespread fear that it is increasing. According to a new survey by the American Jewish Committee, nearly nine out of 10 American Jews (88 percent) say antisemitism is a problem in the United States with more than a third (38 percent) calling it a very serious problem. Additionally, 84 percent say antisemitism has increased – with a plurality, 43 percent, saying it has increased a lot – over the past five years. The survey, which was conducted from Sept. 11 to Oct. 6 among 1,283 respondents, also found that these views are consistent across age cohorts, Jewish denominations and political affiliations. Additionally, the survey also found that many U.S. Jews consider the extreme political right and left, along with Islamic extremism, as their primary threats. American Jews also overwhelmingly (84 percent) believe anti-Zionism to be a form of antisemitism, while 82 percent said that the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement is antisemitic.

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