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New York congressional candidate touts endorsement from anti-Israel activists

(JNS) A Democrat running in New York City for the U.S. House of Representatives this year touted an endorsement by anti-Israel activists. Jamaal Bowman, a progressive Democrat running to unseat incumbent Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) in New York’s 16th Congressional District, said he was “grateful to be endorsed by” and “incredibly proud to work with the Jewish Vote to take on antisemitism,” according to the organization.

Founded in 2018, the Jewish Vote, the electoral arm of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, has defended antsemitism on the left. Its leadership, including co-founder Rafael Shimunov, has expressed support for antisemites, including Washington, D.C. City Councilman Trayon White Sr., who blamed Jews for snowfall in the U.S. capital and for controlling the U.S. government and World Bank. White donated to a Nation of Islam event where Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan slandered Jews. Shimunov is also a delegate for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

The Jewish Vote has defended former Women’s March board members Linda Sarsour and Zahra Billoo over antisemitic remarks. 

“More than just offensive politically, it is the deceptive tactics being practiced by these groups and their stooges and stage-managed ‘candidates’ that are intended to deceive and whitewash their anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, antisemitic ideas, positions, partnerships and true purpose, which is to undermine the Jewish State and America’s only steadfast ally in the Middle East,” Josh Block, a former Clinton aide and CEO and president of the Israel Project, told The Washington Free Beacon. “That should be a klaxon warning of how truly toxic are such groups and those who affiliate [with] them.”

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