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Survey: Jews will vote for any Democrat over Trump

(JTA) – According to a survey released Feb. 28 by the Jewish Electorate Institute, two-thirds of Jewish voters said they would choose any Democratic candidate over President Donald Trump. The survey found that even though Jewish voters view Sanders more unfavorably than they his Democratic rivals, they disapprove of Trump far more. While 45% of Jewish voters said they had an unfavorable view of Sanders, who has tied or won the Democratic primary’s first three nominating contests, 61% said they strongly disapprove of Trump (down from a high of 71% in the survey group’s 2018 survey) and 65% would vote for him over the president in an election. A majority of respondents – 66% of whom identified as Democrats and 26% as Republicans – favored Trump’s positions on a handful of Israel issues, including his overall performance on “U.S.-Israel relations.” But while 91% of respondents said they are “generally pro-Israel,” only 32% indicated that Israel is one of their most important voting issues. The online survey of 1,001 self-identified Jewish voters who indicate that they are likely to vote in the November election has a margin of error of 3.2 percentage points. 

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