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JFS of Greater Hartford launches free emotional support hotline

Jewish Family Services of Greater Hartford is now offering a FREE and confidential emotional support hotline. JFS ONCALL is not a crisis line, nor is it a replacement for therapeutic telehealth appointments. Rather, JFS ONCALL is an outlet for community members to express their worries, be heard, and gain support.

“Feelings of fear, stress, and worry are normal in a crisis,” says JFS CEO Anne M. Danaher. “The coronavirus pandemic significantly affects mental health for everyone, but especially for those with an existing mental illness.” 

Both the anxiety of contracting COVID-19 and mandatory social-distancing rules may cause an increase in isolation and feelings of loneliness and despair; existing feelings may also worsen and trigger symptoms, says Danaher. Myriad mental health concerns, including depression, self-harm, suicide, substance abuse, and domestic violence will also escalate. Parents face challenges in helping their children to feel safe at a time when the world no longer feels safe.

“It is our obligation to provide these services and it is our honor to embrace possibility for all in need in our community,” says JFS President Pia Rosenberg Toro. “JFS is on the forefront of responding to persons impacted by this outbreak in many different ways and we are prepared to provide the requisite services as the needs increase.”

To speak with a JFS ONCALL social worker, call (860) 613-5429 on Wednesdays, 1 – 3 p.m.; and Thursdays, 6-8 p.m.

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