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Dr. Karl-Otto Liebmann, 87, died May 7. He was the husband of Judith Liebmann. Born in Heidelberg, Germany, he was the son Professor Heinrich Liebmann, dean of Heidelberg University and a world renowned Mathematician (cf. The Liebmann Rule), who was one quarter Jewish and was fired by Hitler personally from his position at the University. Dr. Liebmann felt a strong affinity for the Hebrew Bible and the philosophical and ethical world view of Judaism. In 1994, he formally converted to Judaism, guided by his friend, Rabbi James Ponet, founding Rabbi of the Slifka Center at Yale University. In his honor, Dr. Liebmann’s family is inaugurating the Liebmann Family Fund for the study of Jewish Art and Literature at the Slifka Center. In addition to his wife, he is survived by three children, Anya, Theo and his wife Barbara, and Otto and his wife Rebekah; and his grandchildren, Allie, Risa, Ruby, Ava, Tal, and Juniper.


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