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Hebrew Book Fest comes to Zoom

Israelis in CT is sponsoring the first virtual Hebrew Book Fest. Modeled after the Israeli Shvua Hasefer Haivri (Hebrew Book Week), the all-Hebrew event that is running now through June 8. Scheduled are sessions for adults and children. Knowledge of Hebrew is required.

Israelis in CT also offers a Hebrew Conversation Group for novice Hebrew speakers. All levels welcome. 

To register and for Zoom links, or to find out more about Hebrew programs, contact Israelis in CT at 

For adults:
Creative Story Telling: How to tell and write a good story
Monday, June 8, 8 p.m.
This session will cover the elements required for taking a simple incident and turning it into an interesting storyline.

For children:
Bedtime story, nightly at 7:30 p.m.
Stories are read in Hebrew
Schedule of stories:
Tuesday, June 2: Alef-Beit Yoga with Yael
Wednesday, June 3: Hanan Haganan, read by Lilach
Thursday, June 4: Tell Me What’s Your Name, read by Tikva.

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