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Alvin Reiner, 95, of West Hartford, died Sept. 18. He was the widower of Louis Katz Reiner. Born in Waterbury, he was the son of the late Jacob and Anna Reiner. He enlisted in the infantry in World War II, where he became an interpreter for the French army. He performed High Holiday services for Jewish troops and was given a U.S. government-issue shofar. He reopened a synagogue in Biarritz, France now on the National Register of Historic Places. He is survived by his children, Jim Reiner of West Hartford, and Gail Reiner of East Granby; his grandchildren, Ellen Arnstein and Reid Arnstein.  He was a founding member of Beth El Temple in West Hartford. He was also predeceased by his daughter-in-law Fiona Carter Reiner, his brother Marvin Reiner, and his sister Florence Reiner Yassler.


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