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NBA’s Rick Barry visits kids at Jerusalem basketball camp

(JNS) Retired National Basketball Association (NBA) player Rick Barry visited children at a basketball camp in Jerusalem in early July during his stay in Israel. The NBA Hall of Famer stopped by the Jerusalem International YMCA to speak with youngsters taking part in the annual Tamir Goodman Basketball Camp about the fundamentals behind the sport. Barry, who played for the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, told them: “You can talk about preparation, dedication, determination; you can talk about all these wonderful characteristics to help you be a successful person. What it all boils down to – the one characteristic you have to have if you really want to be good at what you’re doing in life – you have to get confidence in your ability to do what it is you’ve trained to do.” He also shared on Twitter photos from his visit to the basketball camp. The camp is run by former American-Israeli basketball player Tamir Goodman, dubbed by Sports Illustrated magazine as the “Jewish Jordan.”

Barry later talked to StandWithUs about enjoying his stay in Israel, which he called “an amazing country.” “I don’t think people around the world understand how many amazing innovations have come out of Israel,” he added. “The Jewish people are an amazing group of people. Wonderful people. I told Tamir yesterday that I don’t think you can have a better friend than a Jewish friend.”

Main Photo: NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry talks with kids at a basketball summer camp held at the Jerusalem International YMCA on July 8, 2021. Source: Rick Barry/Twitter.

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