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Ben & Jerry’s by the numbers

So Ben & Jerry’s has joined the anti-Semitic BDS cause.
Questions to those who support Ben and Jerry’s: 

—How many nations in the world is Ben & Jerry’s boycotting based on their morals litmus test? 

Answer is one, Israel, the one and only nation of the Jewish people.  

—How many Muslim, Christian or other non-Jewish nations in the world is Ben & Jerry’s boycotting.  

Answer is none. 

—How many of the Muslim, Christian and other nations in the world have really bad stuff going on there that warrant moral indignation?  

Answer is lots.

Now that you have the numbers, you know Ben & Jerry’s has lots of nations to target, many of which have really bad stuff going on there. 

But the business has decided to target only one nation: Israel, the only Jewish nation in the world. Why? Its a no brainer, folks — It’s called antisemitism. 

Boycott Ben and Jerry’s, and tell your representatives in Hartford and Washington to take action to support the boycott of Ben and Jerry’s.  I have already emailed Attorney General Tong and my member of Congress, Rep. Jim Himes.

Lester Freundlich

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