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Attention Jewish singles: The MatzoBall is back!

Who says the single Jewish crowd have nothing to do but go to the movies on Dec. 24? For many, there’s only one place to be — the MatzoBall!  This year, the popular singles party, sponsored by Personal Dating Concierge, is back to being a live event— after transitioning to a virtual speed dating evening during the pandemic — and celebrating its 35th anniversary with parties in Boston, New York City, Boca Raton, Miami, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. Sponsored by Personal Dating Concierge,

“It’s the only night of the year we can take on a fantastic venue that would normally be closed and deliver it almost exclusively to the young urban Jewish community,” explains Andrew Rudnick from Mazel Events, LLC and founder of the MatzoBall. “The MatzoBall parties have sparked over 1,000 marriages, including my own!”

MatzoBall launched in Boston in 1987 when Rudnick organized a party for his Jewish friends looking for something to do on Christmas Eve. Since  then it’s grown to over 4,000 people in its biggest locations, held in swanky ballrooms and nightclubs and has led to its fair share of relationships and marriages.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting To learn more about MatzoBall, visit

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