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Southern New England sets records for Jewish National Fund-USA

Jewish National Fund-USA’s (JNF-USA) professional team and lay leadership in Southern New England announced recently that the organization has achieved a record-high fundraising result, with the greater New England community donating $11.4 million to the philanthropy’s equally record-breaking $120 million 2021 national campaign in support of the land and people of Israel. The unprecedented fundraising result represents a three-fold increase over total donations received in New England in 2020.

“No single organization better represents my desire to help the land and people of Israel more than JNF-USA,” said JNF-USA Southern New England Board president, David Peskin.

JNF-USA’s Southern New England Board of Directors’ campaign chair and co-founder, Eric Berg, added that JNF-USA has “an inspiring vision and strategy in promoting the development of the underpopulated Negev in the South and the Galilee in the North. Working with their numerous affiliates across the country, JNF USA is enriching the lives of so many Israelis by being at the forefront of agricultural innovation, water conservation, promoting job creation, making Israel a more inclusive society for people with special needs, the building of fortified playgrounds, medical and resilience centers and so much more.”

Jewish National Fund-USA CEO Russell F. Robinson added: “The  Jewish community in New England has always been there for Israel, and the fact that we recently established an official JNF-USA Board in this region is exciting. We have so many passionate, dedicate, and philanthropically minded partners (donors) throughout the region who continue to raise their hands and say: ‘yes! I want to be part of this movement.’ And because of them, we are there for young people with disabilities; families looking to build new lives in the Negev and Galilee; American teens seeking to discover their connection to their ancestral soil; job seekers looking for employment through our Lauder Employment Center; and small businesses in the Negev and Galilee.” 

JNF-USA’s National Conference is scheduled to take place in Boston Nov. 4-6, 2022. 

For more information about JNF-USA in Southern New England, contact Dar Nadler at dnadler@jnf.org or call (617) 423.0999 x816. To make a donation, visit jnf.org/donate.

Main Photo: Jewish National Fund Board members (l to r) David Peskin, Sharon Cohen, Eric Berg, Wendy Webber, Sharon Efron, Debbie Peskin, Dan Goodman, Robin Santiago, Anne Weiss.

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