In Memoriam

In Memoriam

We pay tribute, this Memorial Day, to the Jewish men and women in our armed services (as well as one from Great Britain and one from Australia), who have given their lives fighting the global war on terror.

This list was posted on Jews in Green,, by Sergeant Brian Kresge (April 20, 2010).

Daniel Agami – Specialist, Army, Florida
Howard Paul Allen – Sergeant, Army National Guard, Arizona
Benyahmin Ben Yahudah – Specialist, Army, Georgia
David Bernstein – 1st Lieutenant, Army, Pennsylvania
Albert Bitton – Corporal, Army, Illinois
Aron C. Blum – Sergeant, Marines, Arizona
Nathan Bruckenthal – Petty Officer, Coast Guard, New York
Steven M. Budeysky – Sergeant, Army, Illinois
Michael R. Cohen – Corporal, Marines, Pennsylvania
Seth Dvorin – 2nd Lieutenant, Army, New Jersey
Mark E. Engel – Lance Corporal, Marines, Colorado
Mark A. Evnin – Corporal, Marines, Vermont
Aaron Fairbairn – Private First Class, Army, Washington
Daniel Farkas – 1st Lieutenant,Army National Guard, New York
Jacob S. Fletcher – Private First Class, Army, New York
Daniel J. Freeman – Specialist, Army, Cincinatti, Ohio
Foster Harrington – Sergeant, Marines, Texas
Elizabeth N. Jacobson – Airman First Class, Air Force, Florida
Jeremy Kane – Lance Corporal, Marines, New Jersey
Nathan M. Krissoff – 1st Lieutenant, Marines, Nevada
Paul Mervis – Lieutenant, British Army, London , England
Shawn Pine – Lieutenant Colonel, Army Reserve, Texas
Darin Pontell – Lieutenant JG, Navy, Pentagon, died on 9/11
Mark Rosenberg – Major, Army, Florida
Dustin Schrage – Corporal, Marines, Florida
Roslyn Schulte – 1st Lieutenant, Air Force, Missouri
Robert Michael Secher – Captain, Marines, Tennessee
Marc Seiden- Specialist, Army, New Jersey
Michael Shackelford – Sergeant, Army, Colorado
Gregory Sher – Private, Australian Army, Melbourne, Australia
Alan D. Sherman- Sergeant, Marines, New Jersey
Benjamin Sklaver – Captain, Army Reserve, Connecticut
Andrew K. Stern – 1st Lieutenant, Marines, Tennessee
Michael Tarlavsky – Captain, Army, 5th Special Forces Group
Robert M. Weinger- Sergeant, Army National Guard, Illinois
Jeffrey Wershow – Specialist, Army National Guard, Florida
Colin J. Wolfe- Private First Class, Marines, Virginia
Stuart A. Wolfer – Major, Army, Florida
Elijah Wong – Sergeant, Army National Guard, Arizona
Jonathan Yelner – Senior Airman, Air Force, California
Steven M. Zilberman – Lieutenant, Navy Pilot, Ohio


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