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Kolot: Summer's Golden Gift

By Norma Bursack

For some, the sighting of a robin is the first sign of spring. But for Bloomfield poet Norma Bursack, “tiger lilies lining roadsides have always heralded the coming of summer.” Bursack’s poem “Summer’s Golden Gift” was first published in the Bloomfield Journal in 2006 and, recently, in “On the Avenue,” the monthly bulletin of Federation Homes, where the 82-year old Bursack lives. She is currently compiling a book of her poems for self-publication.

Summer’s Golden Gift

Why do Tiger Lilies grow
at country curb sides in a row?
No hothouse seed placed them there.
No hand extended loving care.
Yet, they flourish abundantly –
their golden glory for all to see.
So we wonder most respectfully
how all this beauty came to be.

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