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Omri Casspi

JERUSALEM – Omri Casspi, the 6’ 9″ Cleveland Cavalier forward is set to sign a contract to play with the Israeli team Maccabi Tel Aviv during the NBA lockout, it was reported by Israel Army Radio earlier this week. Casspi, who was traded to the Cavaliers from the Sacramento Kings in June, is the first Israeli to play for an NBA team.  He previously played three seasons for Maccabi Tel Aviv before being drafted by the Kings.
Casspi also expects to join Israel’s national team for the EuroBasket tournament, despite a knee injury incurred during practice two weeks ago. A win in the European championships would send the Israeli team to the 2012 Olympics.
Besides Casspi, the New Jersey Nets’ Jordan Farmar has also signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv to play for the duration of the lockout.

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