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Kolot: Summer Morning, a poem by Bonnie Enes

By Bonnie Enes ~


Summer Morning
Slow rise to this humid morning from the alabaster-white sheeted bed, slip into a tangerine robe,
follow the tortoise-shell cat meows to the kitchen, spoon oily tuna into her turquoise bowl set up the coffee pot to brew,
fill a lime green cup slide into the bronze wicker chair, inhale steam from water that flowed through freshly ground beans farmed,
harvested in a distant land while orangutans romped along the Bohorok River under coco
palms as sea turtles plumbed the depths of the Indian Ocean and
elephants transported tourists to coffee plantations where locals plucked coffee beans off bushes
as bananas ripened and the occasion of the peacock-blue
sky turning dark, cracked open, washing off dust coating the rain forest.
I sip heavenly blackness from Sumatra, the purring cat on my
lap now, her coat ebony with paint brush strokes of sun.

Bonnie Enes of Bloomfield is a poet whose work has appeared in several anthologies and magazines.
Readers are invited to submit original work on a topic of their choosing to Kolot.  Submissions should be sent to

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