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“A Good Jew” yields French antisemitic tweets

( Twitter has been engulfed in a wave of French antisemitic posts using the hashtag #unbonjuif, meaning “a good Jew” in French. The tweets were condemned by French anti-racist and Jewish organizations on Monday, Oct. 15.
Typical tweets with the hashtag included phrases such as “A good Jew can pump up your tyre with his nose,” “A good Jew wears a Gucci kippa” or “A good Jew is a dead Jew,” reported Yedioth Ahronoth. Twitter should “take the appropriate measures” to end the “flood of antisemitism,”
the anti-racist group MRAP said in a statement. Last week France’s Jewish security watchdog SPCJ reported that antisemitic acts in France jumped by 45 percent in the first eight months of 2012.

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