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Boston relief efforts influenced by Israeli emergency expertise

( A doctor who dealt with the aftermath of Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings credited Israeli expertise with his team’s ability to respond to a terrorist attack that killed three people and injured more than 100.

“About two years ago in actual fact we asked the Israelis to come across and they helped us set up our disaster team so that we could respond in this kind of manner,” said Dr. Alasdair Conn, chief of Emergency Services at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Algemeiner reported.

Conn, asked if he would characterize the Boston Marathon blasts as “almost something you would see in a military setting,” said the attack reminded him of something that would happen in Israel, whose citizens have been long accustomed to terrorist suicide bombings.

“Oh, absolutely, absolutely. This is like a bomb explosion that we hear about in the news in Baghdad or Israel or some other tragic place in the world,” Conn said.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), reacting to the bombings, said it had already warned Jewish groups to be on alert this week due to the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and Adolph Hitler’s birthday.

At press time, federal authorities had classified the Boston Marathon bombings as a terrorist attack.

“It is sad that anytime a bomb explodes in public place we are conditioned as a first reflex to think of it as a terrorist attack; but unfortunately, in this instance it appears that our fears have been realized,” ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said in a statement.

“This apparent terrorist attack comes during a week when we are already on heightened alert because of the history of extremist-related events that have taken place during the week of April 20th, including the (April 19, 1995) Oklahoma City bombing and the federal raid of the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas,” he added.

Due to Hitler’s birthday of April 20, ADL had “issued a security alert to Jewish community institutions reminding them to be on high alert during this time of year,” Foxman explained.

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