Ubiquitous hypocrisy when it comes to Israel

By Ruth King


On January 27, 2014, the United Nations held its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day.

When the Nazis came to power in 1933, there were roughly 500,000 Jews living in Germany – less than one percent of the total population. They had made outsize contributions to science, culture, the arts and music of that nation. Nonetheless, they were increasingly subjected to discriminatory behavior and laws and mandates which prohibited their participation in those very institutions. Even those German Jews who were married to Christians and only marginally involved in Jewish life were subjected to anti-Semitic violence and bigotry.

This  culminated in 1935 with the codification of the Nuremberg laws, which stripped German Jews from citizenship, made intermarriage with any Jew – even one with only three Jewish grandparents  – a crime, and deprived most Jews of all political and civil rights. The rest is history – a horrific history of genocide with participation of citizens of Europe who aided their own occupiers and enemies when it came to rounding up and killing Jews.

There is tragic irony in having any memorial of those years in that perverse and perverting institution known as the United Nations. While they obsessively bash Israel, they coddle those jihadist nations whose own articles of faith mirror the Nuremberg laws, and ignore the genocidal blood lusts of Iran’s mullahs  and Hamas and Hezbollah and the “Palestinian Authority”. They support UNRWA, where spurious “refugee” status is heritable and critical for the struggle against Israel, but scarcely notice the refugees and victims from barbaric Sharia laws in all of Africa. They offer full participation in all their committees and councils and departments to the nations that are wiping out their Christian populations.

And then there is UNESCO’S cancellation  of  an exhibition on Jewish 3,500-year history in Israel sponsored by Israel, Canada and Montenegro and organized by the Wiesenthal Center. The United States State Department had rejected the Wiesenthal’s request for co-sponsorship, stating, through their Director of UNESCO affairs that at such a critical juncture in the peace processing…etc., etc., etc. The Arab members of UNESCO redoubled their efforts and the exhibit was canned.

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