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Russian TV host: Jews brought Holocaust on themselves

( A Russian TV presenter, in a conversation with a writer about the Ukrainian protests and Crimea, said that the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves. Writer Aleksandr Prokhanov, while being interviewed by anchor Evelina Zakamskaya on the state-funded Rossiya 24 TV channel, said that it is “strange that Jewish organizations, the European and our own Russian organizations, support the Maidan [protests].

What are they doing? Do they not understand that they are bringing about a second Holocaust with their own hands? This is monstrous.” Zakamskaya replied that the Jews “brought about the first [Holocaust] similarly.”

“It is a blindness. It is an unbelievable blindness that is clearly repeating itself, because even then in 1933 in Europe, many liberal organizations were feeding the Fuhrer,” Prokhanov then said, a statement Zakamskaya agreed with.

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