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U.N. Human Rights Council blasted for singling out Israel

( The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was blasted for its consistent singling out of Israel for criticism. On Friday, March 28, the U.S. was the only country to vote against five anti-Israel U.N. resolutions. Four of the resolutions were directed against Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, with one calling on the companies to boycott Israel. The fifth was directed at Israel’s control of the Golan Heights and its treatment of residents there. Paula Schriefer, head of the U.S. delegation to the UNHRC, criticized UNHRC Agenda Item 7, which mandates that Israel must be discussed at every UNHRC meeting, a distinction no other country shares. She said the U.S. is “deeply troubled by the council’s standalone agenda item directed against Israel and by the many repetitive and one-sided resolutions under this agenda item.” She added, “Only Israel, a vibrant and open democracy, received such treatment.”

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