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Cousin of murdered Palestinian aided terror victims

JERUSALEM (JTA) – Mahmoud Abu Khdeir, whose teenage cousin Mohammed Abu Khdeir was killed this summer in apparent retaliation for the murder of three kidnapped Israeli teens, rushed to help the wounded inside the Rami Levy discount supermarket in the Mishor Adumim industrial zone near Maale Adumim, east of Jerusalem. The assailant in the Dec. 3 attack was identified as a 16-year-old Palestinian male from a West Bank village with no prior record. He was shot in the legs by a supermarket security guard. Khdeir was working in the supermarket’s storeroom when the attack took place. He helped stop the bleeding on a man’s head and got him upstairs to an office for further treatment.

“That’s how I was taught to behave by my family,” Khdeir told Ynet. “When someone is wounded, you help them. It doesn’t matter where they’re from.” He added: “I was raised in a good family. I’m not at war. … I believe that tomorrow the wounded man will see someone else and go help him. I hope that one day the situation will change and we will no longer have incidents such as this. But force brings more force, and peace brings peace.”

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