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Alan Parsons keeps Tel Aviv gig despite Waters’ boycott pleas

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Alan Parsons will be playing Tel Aviv over the objections of fellow British musician Roger Waters, a BDS supporter. The Alan Parsons Project is scheduled to perform Tuesday at Nokia Arena in Tel Aviv. “Very happy to be in Tel Aviv!” Parsons tweeted Sunday. Parsons is set to collaborate on an English-language album with popular Israeli rock musician Aviv Geffen.

Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, shared on Facebook two pieces of correspondence he sent to Parsons, who worked as a sound engineer on the group’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album some 30 years ago. Waters said he did not publish Parson’s reply at the artist’s request.

“While I know you don’t want to disappoint your fans by canceling this gig, you would be sending a powerful message to them and the world by doing so,” Waters wrote.

In his second letter, Waters wrote, “I regret that you have decided, for now at least, to stand with the minority of artists and academics who support the policies of the current Israeli government.” He added: “By ignoring the boycott, you are turning your back on a beleaguered people who are desperately in need of your support. Even at this late hour, please reconsider.”

Waters was unsuccessful as well in trying to convince the famed British rock group the Rolling Stones to cancel its June concert.

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