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Helping the homeless

On Sunday, March 29, volunteers from Temple Shearith Israel (TSI) set off on their first “Spring Breakfast Run” – traveling to New York City to distribute toiletries, clothing, lunch bags, and hot breakfasts to the homeless. The “Run” actually began the day before, when volunteers gathered at the Ridgefield shul to assemble toiletry and food bags, and package hooded sweatshirts, winter hats, socks and underwear for those in need on the streets of Manhattan. They then met at the crack of dawn to brew coffee, make hot breakfast sandwiches and pack lunch bags, which they loaded onto vans for the trip to the city to meet Midnight Run representative Malcolm Bonds in New York’s Stuyvesant Park. From there, the caravan moved to a shelter on First Avenue and E. 27th Street to distribute the remaining goods and food. By the end of the day, TSI had served about 75 people in need. “We were so grateful to have this opportunity to reach out to so many people in need,” said TSI Event Coordinator Debbie Landzberg. “It’s always hard to leave – we’d like to do so much more. These individuals have hard lives for sure. We wish all of them well and will work towards our next run in the fall.”

CAP: TSI’s Spring Breakfast Run volunteers join forces with Midnight Run’s Malcolm Bonds (far right) in Manhattan.

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