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Knesset solar panels are largest nat’l assembly solar field

( New solar panels that have been installed on the roof of the Knesset legislature’s building in Jerusalem make up the largest solar field atop the facility of any national assembly in the world, according to the Israeli government. A field of 1,500 rooftop solar panels will generate 10 percent of the Knesset’s electricity, saving the government about $400,000 a year, said the office of the parliament speaker. “We have here 4,600 square meters (1.1 acres) of photovoltaic panels and this makes the Knesset the greenest parliament in the world and it’s part of an amazing, extremely exciting project called Green Knesset that contains altogether 13 projects of making the Knesset more friendly to the environment,” said Knesset spokesperson Yotam Yakir, Israel Hayom reported.

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