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Sister of Faigy Mayer hangs herself

(JTA) — The older sister of a former Chasidic woman who killed herself four months ago by jumping off of a rooftop bar in Manhattan died after hanging herself. Sara Mayer, 31, was found dead on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 22, in her parents’ home in Borough Park, the New York Daily News reported. Her death comes four months after Faigy Mayer, 30, committed suicide, six years after leaving the Chasidic world in which she had grown up. Unnamed family and friends told the Daily News that Sara Mayer was mentally ill and had been hospitalized on several occasions.  An unnamed law-enforcement official told the newspaper that she had been scheduled to move into a group home this week. She was released last week from a psychiatric hospital where she had been an inpatient for two years. The newspaper also quoted an unnamed family member as saying she left a note to her parents telling them she loved them and was sorry. In an essay written shortly before her death, Faigy Mayer rejected the Belz Hasidic sect of her childhood.

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