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Fatah on Facebook: killers of Israeli policewoman ‘role models’

( The Palestinian Fatah faction, which is led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, posted on its official Facebook page that the three late terrorists who killed Israeli border policewoman Hadar Cohen and wounded others are “role models.” “Those who carried out the self-sacrifice operation in occupied Jerusalem … competed with each other for [martyrdom] death. Their feet were raised above the hangman’s neck. They became role models. Across the length and breadth of the homeland,” stated the Fatah Facebook page, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported a day after the attack at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate. Additionally, according to PMW, the father of one of the Palestinian terrorists said on official Palestinian Authority television, “We received the news with joy, a martyr, our Lord chose him from among the people to be a martyr, Allah will pardon him, and we hope he will be among the people of paradise, Allah willing. Praise Allah in any case.”

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