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Seinfeld on ‘Daily Show’: Israelis ‘all or nothing’

(JTA) — Jerry Seinfeld told “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah that Israelis are “all or nothing.” On the show last week, Noah opened his conversation with Seinfeld, 61, by asking about his recent trip to Israel, his first time performing there. “The audiences were amazing,” Seinfeld said. “Israelis, everything you ask them is either ‘It’s no problem, it’s no problem’ or ‘No, it’s impossible.’ There’s nothing in between.” Later in the conversation, as Seinfeld was reflecting on being in his 60s, Noah returned to Seinfeld’s remarks about Israel, saying, “It sounds like in your 60s you become Israeli. It’s impossible to turn around.” Seinfeld did four shows in Tel Aviv in December, all of which sold out. The American Jewish comedian last visited Israel in 2007 when he was promoting “Bee Movie.” In 1971, he volunteered on an Israeli kibbutz.

Noah replaced longtime host Jon Stewart in September. Soon after his appointment was announced in March, the South African comedian came under fire from Jewish groups for past tweets about Jews and Israel, including one from 2010 that read “South Africans know how to recycle like Israel knows how to be peaceful.”

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