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Cuban-Jewish mothers visit Israel

( Ten Jewish mothers from Havana, Cuba, arrived in Israel last week as part of a landmark nine-day visit sponsored by The Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP) and Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs. The trip culminated May 16 with a gathering of more than 800 Jewish mothers from around the world at Bar-Ilan University. At the mass gathering of Jewish mothers, dubbed the “Momentum Mega Event,” participants committed to becoming involved in various Jewish-focused and Israel-focused programs when they return home. The Cuban-Jewish mothers’ trip comes amid the ongoing warming diplomatic and political relations between America and Cuba. Tamara Kely Marinto Zagovalov, one of the Cuban-Jewish mothers on the trip, said that visiting Israel for the first time means “to connect with our roots and share it with friends from our community—it is a miracle that has come true.”

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