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Michael Bloomberg set to endorse Clinton

PHILADELPHIA (JTA) — Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will

endorse Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.

Spokesmen for Clinton’s campaign and for Bloomberg told The New York Times

in a story posted Sunday that Bloomberg would have a prime-time spot on

Wednesday, when President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden also

are speaking.

Bloomberg, a three-term mayor who earlier this year briefly considered an

independent run for the presidency, has expressed alarm at Republican nominee

Donald Trump’s broadsides against Latinos as well as his plans to deport

undocumented immigrants and severely restrict Muslim entry into the United


Bloomberg, who is Jewish, had been a Democrat for decades, but won election

as mayor in 2001 as a Republican. He later became an Independent.

Bloomberg, who returned to directing his news empire after finishing his third

term, advocates for a range of policies favored by Democrats, including gun

control and addressing climate change, but is more Wall Street friendly.

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