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Bringing big smiles to little faces

Stamford dentist Dr. Jeffrey Cahn recently returned from Israel, where he spent a week providing free dental care to needy children in Jerusalem. This was the sixth visit to the Trudi Birger Dental Volunteers for Israel Clinic for Cahn, who has a family dental practice on Bedford Street. At the Jerusalem clinic, needy and at-risk children, as well as young adults, receive state-of-the-art dental treatment, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or creed.

“I can’t imagine a more rewarding experience,” said Cahn of his visit. “Nothing can beat the feeling of working to help children recover their oral health – especially in a region where children see enough suffering.”

The clinic was founded in 1980 by Holocaust survivor Trudi Birger, who was a teenager when she was sent to a concentration camp. When Birger miraculously survived, she vowed never to abandon a child in distress. During Birger’s work with needy children in Israel, she became aware of the physical and psychological suffering the children endured due to severe dental problems. She established the Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) clinic to provide free dental treatment to children from Jerusalem’s most needy families, who otherwise would not have access to dental care, regardless of background.

Cahn was joined by volunteer dentists from countries all over the world, men and women who value the concept of providing free dental treatment to underprivileged children.

For more information on the DVI program, contact Dr. Cahn at (203) 323-2882 or at, or visit

CAP: Stamford’s Dr. Jeffrey Cahn (left) recently spent a week in Israel providing free dentistry for needy children. Pictured here with fellow volunteer, Dr. Ira Newman of New York.

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