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Fatah: antisemitic children’s drawings are innocent

( Fatah posted antisemitic Palestinian children’s drawings on Facebook, calling the hate-filled, and often violent, depictions of Israel “innocent,” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported. One drawing personifies Israel as a human, wearing a Star of David napkin, eating a Palestinian boy wrapped in a Palestinian flag, with a glass of blood next to the plate. Fatah claimed drawings like these “express the feelings of children of #Palestine.” Another drawing shows a crucified Muslim woman wearing the Palestinian flag colors and her body in the shape of the Palestinian Authority (PA) map of “Palestine.” Other Palestinian children drew pictures of slingshots and rifles, symbolizing the use of violence against Israel.

Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, said these drawings reflect the repeated message sent to Palestinians from the PA and Fatah.

“Children are told that ‘it will all return to us’ on children’s TV programs,” Marcus said, referring to the land of Israel. “The PA National Security Forces regularly post photos from all over Israel presenting the places as ‘Palestine,’ and even crossword puzzles portray Israeli cities as ‘occupied Palestine.’” Marcus added that the PA and Fatah have been exploiting the innocence of Palestinian children for years. Children are brainwashed to believe Israel is a monster that will hurt Palestinians and terrorists are role models and victims of Israeli executions, PMW said.

CAP: One of the anti-Semitic drawings posed by Fatah on their Facebook page. Credit: Palestinian Media Watch. 

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