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Spanish region reportedly adopts Israel boycott

(JTA) – Spain’s Valencia region reportedly adopted a boycott against Israel as its official policy. A vote on Israel at the Provincial Council of Valencia, a semi-autonomous region with over 250 municipalities and 2.5 million inhabitants, took place during a general assembly on Dec. 29, according to the local faction of the far-left party València en Comú, which submitted the motion with other far-left factions. “Today the Provincial Council of Valencia declared itself a free space from Israeli apartheid,” a party spokesman wrote on its official Facebook page.

The approved motion, the statement read, was co-written by the local branch of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, or BDS, and party deputy Roberto Jaramillo Martínez. Boycott promoters celebrated the vote as a major victory. “It is a grand success for the Palestinian cause,” the statement also read, vowing to “keep on fighting until Palestine is free.” On Twitter, Martinez’s party also said the motion passed “unanimously.” It provided no additional information about the vote.

Separately, a Spanish court declared illegal a motion endorsing the boycott of Israel that was adopted in 2015 by the city council of the municipality of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, ACOM, a Spanish pro-Israel group, said in a statement this week. Ruling last month on a lawsuit filed by ACOM against the municipality, Tribunal 1 of Santiago de Compostela ruled that the municipality had overstepped its jurisdiction in passing the resolution.

ACOM legal action has led to the nullification or repeal of more than a dozen BDS resolutions in recent years in Spain, where more than 50 municipalities have endorsed BDS – more than anywhere else in Europe. Some rulings found BDS unconstitutional and discriminatory. Others nullified BDS motions on technical grounds.

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