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Have You Heard? by Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman

South Windsor rabbi pens children’s book

In his new book for children, Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman frames the Ten Commandments in a way a small child can understand. Beautifully illustrated, Have You Heard? helps parents introduce their children to religious ethics.

Translating the commandments from Hebrew, Glickman fashions the commandements into important life lessons – adultery is really about keeping promises; words are powerful, so use them carefully – and presents concepts such as love, respect, and humility in a way children can comprehend. Filled with a surprise on every page, the book also includes activities and discussion starters that parents and educators can use to teach children about each of God’s commandments.

The spiritual leader of Temple Beth Hillel in South Windsor, Glickman and his wife, Mindy, are also the creators of a series of family board games. The couple are the parents of Ilana and Jarrett, Seth, Evan and Allison, Tal, Hanna, Naomi, and Micah.

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