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Swastika carved in door of Colorado couple twice in two days

(JTA) – A swastika was carved into the front door of a Jewish couple in Colorado twice in two days. Police do not have any suspects in the incidents from Sept. 5 and 6 in Lafayette. Will and Emma Rosenbaum moved from New York City a year ago. They have a mezuzah affixed to their doorpost. The couple’s apartment door was painted over after someone carved a 2 1/2-inch swastika into the door on Sept. 5. A similar swastika was carved into the door early Wednesday afternoon and again painted over.

In a post on Facebook, Emma Rosenbaum called the incident “horrible and unthinkable. … You should never feel scared to be at home, home should be your comfort place. I would never attack anyone for their personal beliefs no matter what. When it gets this close to home the feelings are terrifying. I could go on and on but just to say hate cannot and should not exist in this world.”

Colorado has seen an significant increase in antisemitic acts the past two years, according to the local office of the Anti-Defamation League.

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