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Marijuana Redux

As a 35-year veteran science teacher of middle school students, I was horrified at The Ledger’s obvious pro-marijuana stance posing disingenuously as a report on someone’s marketing of marijuana for normalizing its enhancement of food and Jewish ceremonial use (“‘High Point of the Week”, Ledger, Nov. 24).

There is only one purpose of recreational pot: to put the user out of touch with reality. Marijuana is not harmless; just ask the victims of countless accidents across the country caused by it. Many of these victims can’t be interviewed: guess why. No doubt a number of the accident perpetrators walked out of their homes after toking and climbed directly into their vehicles. So much for the harmlessness of “private home use.”

So, members of the Jewish Ledger, why don’t you just come right out and campaign for marijuana normalization? Surely you won’t mind the decrease in your children’s academic performance and getting into the cars of their friends who are buzzed?


Wendy Rosenblum


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