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Auschwitz survivor, 93, crowned ‘Miss Holocaust Survivor’

(JTA) – A 93-year-old great grandmother who survived Auschwitz was crowned Miss Holocaust Survivor. Tova Ringer, who lost her parents, four sisters and a grandmother in Auschwitz won the controversial beauty pageant in Haifa on Sunday. “I’m very happy. It’s something special. I wouldn’t believe that at my age I would be a beauty,” she told Reuters. Ringer was crowned with a silver tiara and a blue-and-white sash proclaiming her the queen of the contest, organized each year since 2012 by Yad Ezer L’Haver, or Helping Hand, which helps needy Holocaust survivors in Israel. Thousands of people attended the event, including Knesset members and government ministers and hundreds of Holocaust survivors, the Times of Israel reported. Fewer than 200,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel today, according to the news website.

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