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DePaul prof censured by faculty, receives threats, for pro-Israel piece

(JNS) A philosophy professor at DePaul University in Chicago, Jason Hill, was censured on April 30 by his fellow faculty members and has been facing death threats for writing a pro-Israel opinion piece in the right-wing online outlet The Federalist. The final tally of the censure resolution by the school’s Faculty Council was 21 in favor and 10 against. In his article, “The Moral Case for Israel Annexing the West Bank – and Beyond,” published last month, Hill defends Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pledge to extend sovereignty to Israeli settlement blocs in Judea and Samaria. “Vowing to extend sovereignty without distinguishing between settlement blocks and the isolated settlements, Netanyahu promised not to transfer any sovereignty to the Palestinians,” he wrote. He also staunchly defended Israel’s right to exist, and that the Palestinians “constitute a national security threat to Israel because a core feature of their identity is a commitment to destroying Israel as a Jewish state. Therefore, only a policy of radical containment or expulsion remains a viable option.”

Hill told The Daily Caller on April 30 that since his article, he has faced death threats and currently needs armed personnel to accompany him around campus. “I just got sick and tired of the blatant antisemitism being tolerated on campus,” Hill told the Caller.

DePaul University has been subjected to anti-Israel sentiment. In 2014, a student body initiative passed, calling on the school to divest from Israel. A year later, the school’s Students for Justice in Palestine chapter held a fundraiser at its student center for convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh, who was released in a prisoner exchange after serving 25 years of a life sentence behind bars for the death of two Hebrew University students in bombing a Jerusalem supermarket in 1969. Odeh was later deported from the United States.

Regarding the backlash against him, he said: “It’s an agenda to shut down free speech.”

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