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Waterbury students pray for peace

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, students from Yeshiva K’Tana of Waterbury united in prayer with Jews from around the world as part of the annual Day of Jewish Unity coordinated by Acheinu, a division of the worldwide Torah organization Dirshu.

This year’s event focused on a “call to action” to pray for peace, and the safety and security of the Jewish people in light of the worldwide rise in antisemitism. Throughout the day, Yeshiva K’Tana students and other Day of Jewish Unity participants recited psalms in schools and synagogues, in their homes and at their place of work. The global initiative was embraced not only by Jews, but also by many non-Jews concerned with the recent spike in antisemitism. In addition to prayer, Acheinu also called on all people to refrain from gossip and bigoted speech, and to pledge to treat all people with dignity and respect.

In keeping with Dirshu’s goal to bring people together through prayer and study, the organization is holding a World Wide Siyum at eight locations throughout the world, including on Feb. 9 at the Prudential Center in New York. For information, visit www.dirshuworldsiyum.org.

Main Photo: Students at Yeshiva K’Tana of Waterbury joined with Jews around the world in praying for peace, as part of the Day of Jewish Unity.

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