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Jewish civil-rights group protests Twitter CEO for not banning Holocaust denial

(JNS) The grassroots Jewish civil-rights movement End Jew Hatred protested outside the California home of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Monday, Jan. 11, blaring audio recordings of Holocaust-denying tweets that have not been removed from Twitter. The group said Dorsey has been quick to edit content deemed to be “misinformation” when it comes to politics, the coronavirus pandemic and other issues of consequence. But when users on his platform spread harmful lies about the systematic murder of six million Jews, he does nothing. Among the tweets the group broadcasted outside of Dorsey’s home: “The holocaust is fake to distract from the truth. 6 million jews did not die”; “Joe Biden’s win is as fake as the holocaust”; “The holocaust is fake and gay.”

Brooke Goldstein, executive director of the Lawfare Project, as well as the founder of End Jew Hatred, said Dorsey has banned politicians he deems hateful, such as President Trump, but has not banned neo-Nazi material. “What kind of message does that send? That he endorses Jew-hatred? That Jew-hatred is socially acceptable? If denying COVID and its 1.6 million victims is wrong, then denying the Holocaust and its 6 million victims is wrong,” she said. “Jack Dorsey: It’s time for you to end Holocaust denial and end Jew-hatred on Twitter.”  

Main Photo: End Jew Hatred activists protest outside the California home of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Jan. 11, 2021. (Courtesy photo via JNS)

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