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West Hartford women honored at Emanuel Synagogue

At the Torah Fund Sabbath, held on
March 6 at The Emanuel Synagogue, congregants Emily Lebovitz Miller and Beth S. Goldberg were honored by the Torah Fund of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism and awarded the West Hartford congregation’s Chayei Olam Awards. At the event, co chaired by Sue Bergman and Debbie Mehlman, Miller recited the Maftir and Goldberg presented her original psalm (included below), written in response to the League’s request for original psalms during the Jewish year 5781, the year of Covid. Both women were honored during services with Aliyahs, and Emanuel’s spiritual leader, Rabbi David Small, praised both women for their selfless work benefitting the Emanuel community. 

Psalm 5781
By Beth S. Goldberg

O Lord. my God, when will this terrible plague end?
When can I unmask and have the sun shine directly on my face.
And walk outside where loved ones and friends can embrace.

O righteous God bring an end to this evil Covid
That strikes down the vulnerable and elderly in our midst.
Let us exit our houses and spend time with family and spouses.

O mighty one our sanctuaries long to be filled with people again,
So give us a sign as to when we can be healthy and secure.
How many hardships and deaths can we endure?

O Lord shield this world from hate and violence,
And be the source of our deliverance,
With You as my Rock and Redeemer, I shall be a steadfast believer.

O mighty God judge me for my integrity and bless us with longevity.
It is then that I will give thanks to thee,
And sing thy praises endlessly.

Oh Lord ,may we emerge from this deadly blight.
And walk in thy Godly light.

Main Photo: Left to right: Torah Fund Sabbath co-chair Deborah Mehlman, with Chayei Olam recipients Emily Lebovitz Miller and Beth S. Goldberg.

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